Roof Replacement Wilmington NC

Realizing that you might need a roof replacement can be a difficult pill to swallow. The expense of a new roof can be untimely for homeowners living on a budget. Fortunately, Norato Roofing and Renovations have become experts at replacing roofs in the Wilmington area over the past 25 years! In my many cases, we’ve been able to help homeowners bill their new roof through insurance so the only cost they pay out of pocket is their homeowners insurance Deductible. If the homeowner is unable to use homeowners’ insurance, We can help customers explore other options, for example sometimes deterioration is due to a manufactures defect, and we can assist to file that claim.  Whatever the case, we love to assist homeowners get the roof they desperately need. Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss the roof replacement process and how we’ve been able to help so many Wilmington homeowners with their roofs.