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            Realizing that you might need a roof replacement can be a difficult pill to swallow. The expense of a new roof can be untimely for homeowners living on a budget. Fortunately, Norato Roofing and Renovations have become experts at replacing roofs in the Wilmington area over the past 25 years! In my many cases, we’ve been able to help homeowners bill their new roof through insurance so the only cost they pay out of pocket is their homeowners insurance Deductible. If the homeowner is unable to use homeowners’ insurance, We can help customers explore other options, for example sometimes deterioration is due to a manufactures defect, and we can assist to file that claim.  Whatever the case, we love to assist homeowners get the roof they desperately need. Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss the roof replacement process and how we’ve been able to help so many Wilmington homeowners with their roofs.

Roof Replacement Process

Initial Estimate – We always recommend customers take advantage of our free estimate. It allows you as the homeowner to take advantage of our knowledge as roofing contractors to understand holistically where your roof stands. We’ll send out a licensed roofing contractor through Norato Roofing and Renovations, not a subcontractor like other roofing companies might, to complete a thorough inspection of your roof. We will physically show up to your home and walk on your roof, unlike many other roofing companies who online provide virtual estimates. Norato Roofing and Renovations takes pride in laying eyes on your roof to make sure we’re providing an accurate assessment of your roof.

Providing Homeowner with Detailed Report – Following the estimate, we will provide the homeowner with a detailed report of our findings. A licensed contractor will walk through the detailed report with the homeowner to make sure they understand the assessment entirely. The report will explain the extent of the damage to shingles, fascia, soffit, and other aspects of the roof. Our roofing contractor will also explain if you need an entire roof replacement or possibly just a minor repair of a patch of shingles. This report and estimate is also very useful to provide to insurance adjustors when making a claim to provide the reasoning and cost of a new roof.

Schedule Roof Replacement and Provide World Class Service – After the homeowner agrees to move forward with the roof replacement, we schedule the roof replacement ASAP based on the availability of the homeowner. Typically, we can complete a roof replacement within a matter of a few days. During the roof replacement, we strive to provide world class service by showing up on time, finishing your roof in a timely manner, treating your home and property with respect, and cleaning up all shingles and materials. Please take a look at our reviews on Google to see what previous customers thought about their experience with Norato Roofing and Renovations.

How to Contact Norato Roofing and Renovations

            There is a lot to consider when replacing the roof on your home or business. Our licensed roofing contractors are here to answer any questions you might have about the roof replacement process, insurance related questions, or anything else you might be curious about. If you’d like to speak to a Norato Roofing and Renovations Team Member, you can contact us by phone at 910-228-5748 or online through the ‘Contact Us’ section on the right side of the screen.