Roof Replacement Wilmington NC

Realizing that you might need a roof replacement can be a difficult pill to swallow. The expense of a new roof can be untimely for homeowners living on a budget. Fortunately, Norato Roofing and Renovations have become experts at replacing roofs in the Wilmington area over the past 25 years! In my many cases, we’ve been able to help homeowners bill their new roof through insurance so the only cost they pay out of pocket is their homeowners insurance Deductible. If the homeowner is unable to use homeowners’ insurance, We can help customers explore other options, for example sometimes deterioration is due to a manufactures defect, and we can assist to file that claim.  Whatever the case, we love to assist homeowners get the roof they desperately need. Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss the roof replacement process and how we’ve been able to help so many Wilmington homeowners with their roofs.

How Norato Roofing and Renovations Helps with Insurance Companies

After a homeowner initially finds the damage, they typically call our company for an estimate. Our roofing experts come to your home to determine the extent of the damage. We vow to always do estimates in person as we get an opportunity to meet you the potential customer in person and more importantly evaluate the damage with our own two eyes. Many local roofing companies like to do remote estimates but we feel you deserve the best evaluation possible. Following the estimate, we’ll be able to sit down with you and discuss the findings of our consultation. If the damage is manageable, we will work up a quote to repair the roof. If the damage is beyond repair, we will provide a quote for a new roof installation.

Norato Roofing – We’re Here For Wilmington

Before Norato Roofing and Renovations was incorporated, Norato Construction was the predecessor. When Norato Construction began, it was founded for the goal of serving others with respect, dignity, and treating customers how they wanted to be treated. The company focused on doing quality work for homeowners and business owners by using the best materials and not cutting corners. Jose Norato began this company with the passion for helping homeowners receive roofing installation and repairs at a fair price. After being with the company since 2009, David and Esli Delgado relocated to Wilmington in 2011 to manage the Wilmington chapter of Norato Construction. In 2019, David and Esli took the big step of becoming owners of Norato Roofing and Renovations! Since that day, they’ve grown the company through hard work, repeat business, referrals from previous customers, and always putting the customer first.

Roof Damage Wilmington NC

If your roof has recently experienced damage, this blog by the Norato Roofing and Renovations team is exactly what you need to read! Our seasoned staff have written about the steps to go through when facing roof damage. The blog walks through our roof repair process instituted by our team when helping homeowners and business owners who are facing damages. If you’re unfamiliar with our company, Norato Roofing and Renovations is based out of Wilmington, NC but does roofing and roof repair work in cities like Leland, Southport, Castle Hayne, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach, and other cities throughout Southeastern North Carolina.

Roofing Contractor Wilmington NC

When deciding on a roofing company for your project, don’t just settle with any construction company, go with a certified roofing contractor like Norato Roofing and Renovations!

From price, to availability, to experience, to credentials, there are many reasons to pick one company over another. While some roofing companies offer roofing as one of their services, Norato Roofing and Renovations specializes in roofing. Our owner David Delgado is a licensed roofing contractor in the State of North Carolina. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss the importance of selecting a roofing contractor for your home or business. If you’re unfamiliar with our company, Norato Roofing and Renovations is based out of Wilmington, NC however we service Leland, Hampstead, Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Southport, and other areas within Eastern North Carolina.