Norato Roofing and Renovations

            When you discover damage to your roof or worse a leak in your home, it can be extremely stressful. We understand the fear it can cause considering your home is often your most precious asset. That is where Norato Roofing and Renovations steps in! We find that our Wilmington customers feel better after speaking with us and having our team out to your home. Our step-by-step plan to protect your home puts customers at ease. Throughout this article, we will discuss this process and give some additional information on our company.

Roof Repair Process

Inspection- First and foremost, we send a team member out to your home to inspect the damage to your roof. We don’t assume you have the answers or take shortcuts by having you send us pictures. We physically come out to your home and assess the damage ourselves. A Norato Roofing and Renovations Contractor will work within your busy schedule to find a time to come out and see your roof. After physically examining the shingles up close, he will take notes and assess the damage. After finding out if the damage is due to typical wear and tear or due to a hurricane or storm, our licensed contractor develops a plan get you taken care of!

Developing a Plan- After assessing the damage to the roof, we will make both a short-term and long-term plan to protect the integrity of your home. First, we will secure the leak or damaged roof with a protective tarp that will eliminate any further water damage. Following the short-term solution, we will discuss potential long-term options with you based on our findings. Depending on the amount of shingle damage, patching or roof repair might be an option. If that’s the case, we will put together a quote to match the color of your current shingles to the best of our ability and complete the repair. If the damage to a section or throughout the roof is past a certain point, a new roof is probably warranted. We will then put together a quote breaking down the cost of a new roof installation. If the damage was done from a named storm or hurricane, homeowners insurance typically covers many or all of the expenses.

Completing the Roof Repair/Roof Installation- In the case of a roof installation, we can typically schedule a time within a few weeks or less to get the long-term solution completed for your home. In the situation that insurance is going to cover some or all of the cost, we will assist you with the insurance company as best we can to limit out of pocket expenses.  We will bring you different shingle and color options to design the roof exactly how you want it. Customer service and quality craftsmanship are extremely important to us, so our team expects to show up on time, do excellent work, and take care of your property in the process!

How To Contact Norato Roofing and Renovations with Additional Questions

            Norato Roofing has decades worth of roofing repair and installation experience, but don’t take just our word for it! Please take a look at our Google reviews to see what our customers think of service and quality of work. If you’re in the process of doing additional research on the damage to your roof, take a look at this article from Owens Corning. If you have any questions about the process or would like to get scheduled for an inspection, please call our office at 910-228-5748 or contact us directly through our website.